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    Navigating Physicians Real Estate Loans: A Prescription for Success

    By Jon Bourque | April 17, 2024

    In the realm of real estate investment, physicians often find themselves in a unique position. While they possess high earning potential, their journey to financial stability can be delayed due to the prolonged period of education and training, often accompanied by hefty student loan debt. However, once established, physicians seek avenues to grow their wealth,... Read More

    Why Do Agents Hold Open House?

    By Jessica Novak | September 7, 2023

    When I first started my career as a real estate agent, back in 2009, I was told that an open house is your storefront to get buyers. Fourteen years and over three hundred transactions later, I beg to differ. Open house is the listing agent’s opportunity to showcase the property. When I meet with a... Read More

    When the Buyer’s Agent Fails, Buyer’s Pay the Price

    By Jessica Novak | September 7, 2023

    In today’s market where inventory is scarce, interest rates are rising, and prices continue to climb, hiring the wrong agent could cost you thousands. I recently helped a family member sell their home. We listed the property for $685,000. Properties in the neighborhood were selling between $685,000 and $715,000. I cautioned my family that comps... Read More

    Is this housing market 2008 all over again?

    By Kristen Benfield | February 10, 2022

    Everyone has heard about the housing market in 2008, and the damage that was done to the economy because of the bubble. But do you know why the bubble popped? A housing bubble is when the price of an asset (home) is rising faster than the fundamentals can justify and is often driven by overly... Read More

    Don’t fall for the gimmicks!

    By Jon Bourque | October 27, 2020

    When it comes to real estate marketing, there are many things that we as agents and brokerages do to attract customers. Some approaches are a little more straight forward than others. Its time you know the truth behind those fantastic “deals” you hear about on the radio and television. “If we can’t sell it, we... Read More

    Short Sales

    By Denise Anderson | October 19, 2017

      Short Sale Options As a homeowner, one of the most difficult decisions you will ever have to make is the choice to sell your home.   While listing your home for sale is already an involved process, having to sell your home due to a financial, personal or any other long-term hardship can be stressful... Read More

    How to Prepare for a Hurricane

    By Denise Anderson | September 2, 2016

    As Hurricane Hermine is set to make landfall with Hampton Roads on Saturday morning, here are some tips to keep in mind for before, during and after the storm hits! Before the Hurricane Check your flood insurance policy with your insurance company! Put together a disaster supply kit, including a flashlight, batteries, shoes, blankets, cash,... Read More

    Best Beaches in Hampton Roads

    By Denise Anderson | July 11, 2016

    Summer is in full swing, and it’s time to hit the surf and sand!  If you are thinking of heading to the beach for the day, these are some of the best beaches to check out across Hampton Roads.   Oceanfront – Virginia Beach Having everything from t-shirt shops, to bars, restaurants and more, this is... Read More

    Fourth of July in Hampton Roads

    By Denise Anderson | July 1, 2016

    Happy July 4th !!! No matter where you live in Hampton Roads, there is a fun-filled Fourth of July celebration for you to attend! Featuring patriotic parades, live music, great food, games and fireworks, these events are some of the best for you to check out with your family and friends this Independence Day weekend!   Chesapeake July... Read More

    What is a FHA 203K Remodeling Loan?

    By Denise Anderson | March 9, 2016

    The Loan & Renovation Mortgage Process What is an FHA 203K Loan? The FHA 203K remodeling loan program allows buyers to both purchase and renovate a home, packaging it into a single mortgage loan.  This loan is designed for borrowers who are buying a home that needs repairs, modernization, or costly improvements, or for those who are refinancing their... Read More