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6 Signs Your Clients Are Ready to Invest

Client invest

1. They are financially secure: Your investors will need enough for a downpayment and an emergency fund for maintenance expenses. Make sure their credit history is good and they’ve met all their financial obligations

2. They have long-term goals: Your clients should have a clear picture of the purpose of their investment. Is it to live in part of the year? Is it for long-term portfolio growth? Ask them what they hope to accomplish so you can best serve them.

3. They’ve done their research: You clients should know the community of their future property well enough to foresee the coming trends and the possible changes. Is it a budding resort hotspot? Is the commercial sector booming? Is there a need for residential growth? If they aren’t familiar, it’s up to you as a real estate practitioner to educate them.

4. They’ve chosen a stable economy: Make sure the economic trends are promising in the area where your clients are looking to invest.

5. Going international? Investors should understand the country’s real estate policies: Make sure your clients understand home ownership regulations and laws, as well as tax policy in the country where they’re looking to invest. They should also be aware of all cultural differences that might come up during the transaction.

6. Property values are expected to increase: Are your clients considering an investment in a developing area? Make sure infrastructure projects are underway that will likely to lead to an increase in property values, such as transport, energy, solid waste, water management, and commercial developments.

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