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Five ways to Prepare your Home for the School Year

It’s back to school for many school districts in the Hampton Roads  area today. Here are a few easy DIY hacks to help you transition into the school year.

back to school


1. Add some organization to the mudroom or entrance hallway in your home. Putting in shelving, cubbies and hooks can help keep everything organized from shoes to coats to backpacks and work bags. This system will keep clutter off the floors and in places where they belong.

2.Replace all the mismatched tuperware containers in your kitchen. These containers have a way of cluttering up the storage space in your kitchen, so clearing it all out and reorganizing or replacing it could add a bit more space for other necessities.

3.Post a large calendar in the kitchen or another common area that everyone can use to keep track of appointments, school or sporting events, or other activities. Keeping everyone’s schedule in one place will help you to avoid planning over something that is already set in stone. Or, use technology to your advantage and create a Google calendar that all family members have access to.

4.Use Saturdays and Sundays to plan out all meals for the week (think sack lunches and easy dinners). Then, head to the grocery store on the weekend to pick up everything you’ll need. This will help you avoid last minute grocery runs during rush hour and allow you to relax a little more at home.

5.Create a work space in a common room in the house. Providing a designated area for work will help with concentration and productivity when it’s time to buckle down on the homework, or even if you need to catch up on a few office-related tasks after hours.

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