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Home Improvement Tips for the New Year

Helpful Tips to Refresh Your Home this New Year

With the beginning of 2016, it’s the perfect time to focus on organizing and making a fresh start in your home! Here a few easy things you can do to tidy up your home that will make a huge impact:

1.  Refresh your Kitchen & Pantry for the New Year

If your New Year’s resolution is to eat healthy or to start cooking at home more vs. going out to eat, go through your pantry and/or kitchen cabinets.   Put items you may want to use more in an easier spot to get to, such as your blender, juicer, and put fresh fruits and veggies in an spot where you can easily grab them on the go.  Take food items out that might tempt you from reaching your new goal!  You can donate them or give to neighbors if you don’t like the thought of throwing out food.

2.  Amp Up the Lighting!

room with light and shades drawn

For most across America, the onset of winter typically bring cooler and more dreary, darker weather.  In order to escape the winter blues, boost the light in your home by keeping your blinds open, adding more floor and table lamps, lighting candles,  or putting on the fireplace.   For those wanting to invest some money into making the space feel brighter, consider painting your interior a lighter color or adding more white accessories to lighten up your home.

3.  Clear all Clutter

Over the holiday season, it is likely that you have accumulated some new belongings.  Post holiday is a great time to declutter, out with the old in with the new!  Grab some cardboard boxes you might have laying around, or from a local moving company, and fill them with old clothing, household items, toys, books, you no longer are going to use.  What to do with the boxes once they are full? Many charities or shelters will gladly accept donations for items of these nature.

4. Make the Space Feel Cozy & Warm

white living room

Once the holiday season is over, your home can feel sparse and cold after taking down the holiday decorations.  Avoid this by adding a few new accent pieces to your home.  Items such as new throws, pillows, candles, or flowers can make a huge difference in bringing the space to life.  If you have white twinkle lights inside your home, consider leaving a few strands out year long!

5.  Organize Your Personal Documents

While this may be a bit more daunting then some of the other tasks, you will fill great once it’s done! Put some music on to make it more fun, and start sorting through, filing or shredding bills, records and personal papers.  If you are a digital person, don’t forget to sort through your computer and back up your documents!

6.  Spruce Up the Kid’s Playroom

kids playroom

Having a space insider for your children to play while the weather is cold is important.  Adding some new inexpensive items like construction paper, paint, crayons, markers or a chalkboard wall can help make the space more enjoyable and give your kids some fun projects to do.

7.  Make Plans for Redecorating or Remodeling

Are you thinking of doing a large scale project to your home?  The start of the New year is the perfect time to organize your inspirational photos,  ideas and resources.  It may also be a great time to start researching contractors and vendors and inquiring about estimates and costs associated with your plans.

8.  Take down Holiday Décor

Take your ornaments down and to make things easier on yourself, store them in packing boxes designed specifically for ornaments which keeps them from getting damaged or rolling around.  If you find you have ornaments you did not use, you may want to give them away to reduce clutter.  When taking lights down, try wrapping them around a piece of cardboard to avoid unpacking a tangled mess next holiday season.

9.  Check Your Home’s Exterior & Landscape

ice dam and snow removal

For those who live in an area impacted heavily by winter storms, you will want to keep an eye on your roof for potential ice dams or downed tree limbs.  Also, make sure exits and entrances to your home are clear at all time.  If are not capable of handling snow removal on your own, there are plenty of contractors who can help with this for a fee.

These home refreshing tips are also great for those looking to get their home ready for the real estate market! Considering selling your home and don’t know where to begin? Contact the Elite 757 Team today and we would be happy to discuss and guide you through the home selling process.









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