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Staging Your Home for a Quick Sale

The Importance of Staging When Your Home is For Sale

home on market - staging

If you are ready to put your home on the market, you will have an advantage over other sellers if you stage your home.  Although this task is optional, when you are dealing with a major financial transaction such as selling your home, why risk settling for a lower sales price or staying on the market longer if you don’t have to?  With a little effort, you can make your home stand out and sell fast!

Staging is one of the easiest things you can do to make your home more appealing to potential buyers.  If you do it correctly, it can leave a lasting impression on a buyer, and possibly create an even a greater emotional attachment to the home.  The right staging helps a buyer imagine themselves living in your home, and that is exactly what you want them to be doing!

Steps to Staging Your Home for a Quick Sale

Try to focus on the big picture and improvements that are cost effective and will make the biggest difference in your home’s selling timeline and price!


Of course this goes without being said, but your home needs to look as pristine as possible.  No one likes to enter a home and see dirty floors or dust everywhere, so a thorough cleaning of every room is necessary! Vacuum carpets and all flooring, dust all the furniture off, wipe down all the kitchen appliances and countertops, clean all bathroom toilets, sinks and tubs, and wash all windows! (hire a professional window cleaner if you don’t have the time-it’s worth it)


Clutter is a major issue because most potential buyers are NOT able to overlook it!  If a buyer is distracted from seeing the positive features of your home, you will miss the opportunity to capture their permanent interest.  You can get rid of junk by donating it/throwing it out or rent a storage unit for items you want to keep.  You will be moving anyway, so get started on your packing and do a few boxes at a time.  Throw away all old magazines and newspapers, put away knickknacks, clean out medicine cabinets and kitchen drawers (buyers will look inside!) and most importantly, don’t just throw everything in a closet because those are being opened and looked into too!

Remove Odors

You are most likely immune your own home’s smell, so it is best to have a friend or neighbor come over and tell you if you have any problem areas. Things like baking cookies, lighting candles, or throwing a lemon in the garbage disposal are all inexpensive ways to rid of any odors.  If you are a smoker, start smoking outdoors only and not inside the home. If you have pets and carpets, make an appointment with a professional carpet cleaning service.  Last but not least, don’t forget to take out the trash before any showings!

Define Rooms

Make sure each room of your home has a defined purpose.  You want buyers to see how to maximize the square footage of the home, so having spaces set up properly is very important.  A room formerly used as a “junk room” should be cleaned out and turned into an office or a guest bedroom, while a finished basement can be set up as a children’s playroom or a tv room.  While the buyer may not want to use the space for the exact same purpose, it will give them a better idea on what they can do with the square footage of your home.define rooms

Wallpaper & Paint

While you may enjoy the floral pattern wallpaper in your dining room or the bright orange office in your home, it is highly unlikely that most home buyers will share the same appreciation for it.  Your best bet is to keep everything as neutral as possible, so you can appeal to the widest variety of people’s tastes.  You will want to take down the wallpaper and paint over any colors that may be too bright or customized to something more universally appealing such as beige, cream or even white.  This keeps your home looking fresh and allows buyers to envision what they could do with the spaces more.


It is best to take down all personal items from your home.  Remove things such as family photos, children’s toys, personal art work or anything that has a family member’s first name or your last name on it. In doing this, buyers can imagine living in your home more and it also protects your personal privacy.


Take a look at your furniture and the way it is currently arranged.  Does it capture the room’s best features?   Is your furniture too big and bulky for the space?  You don’t want to clutter up a room with oversized furniture, because it will  make it feel small. Put large pieces in a storage unit or donate them.  On the other hand, not having enough furniture could make the space feel cold.  You don’t have to spend a ton of money to get furniture that looks new and  of good quality, and you can even rent pieces! Arrange the furniture to make it feel spacious and homey.  For example, the living room should be set up in a way that allows people to gather without feeling too cramped.

Lightinghome-staging lighting

Natural light is your friend!  Open up all curtains and blinds before your home is being shown and turn on all the lights.  If a room is too dark, add some extra lighting.  Replace any outdated or broken fixtures with some clean and simple looking fixtures that won’t break the bank.  Don’t forget to check that all the light bulbs are working too!


This is the first thing potential buyers see when pulling up, so it needs to be inviting and make them want to step inside.  Cut the lawn, trim the bushes/hedges, weed the flower beds and set some pretty potted plants on your steps or by the front door.  If you have a bunch of leaves in your yard, rake them up!  Arrange out door furniture on your patio and/or deck to create a welcoming outdoor space. Also, if the exterior of your home needs some sprucing up, consider power washing it to make it look freshly painted without the costly price tag.

Finishing Touches

Last but not least, adding a few last minute touches can make your home stand out.  Putting items like new white towels in the bathroom, fresh fruit in a bowl on the kitchen counter, or some pretty flowers in a nice vase add to the décor and ambiance of your home.  Before an open house, you may even want to consider setting your dining room table with pretty dishes and table linens.

By completing these suggestions, you will increase your chances of having a quick and successful sale.  Overall, potential buyers greatly value a home that looks (and feels) great and is move-in ready, so following these staging guidelines will definitely help pay off!

If you are looking to put your home on the market, contact the Elite 757 Team.  We can provide a complimentary no obligation market analysis and answer any questions you may have about the home selling process!








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